Taiwan : Chong You Bing, Scallion Pancake, Hualien


17 August 2014, 1:10 PM UTC+8

If you are ever in Hualien, you must eat ‘chong you bing’ or scallion pancake.  Prepare to spend an hour or more in line during peak hours.

A roadside stall where locals and tourist come alike, line up and wait for chong you bing. This place was recommended by a local taxi driver in Taiwan 2012 trip.

The place opens daily at 1pm but I can guarantee you the queue line starts way earlier.

Arriving at 110pm, the line in front was already about 30 people long. As I stood in line, more and more people arrived and the line stretched longer and longer. I would say 70 to 100 in line.

Others arrive only to spot the long queues.

Please bring an umbrella. It was overcast today so the sun did not beat down on my skin directly but the UV rays did bake my skin blushing red.

What is so great about this place? They are the original chong yu bing. What is it? It is a dough made from scallion and flour, deep fried and then a special secret recipe soy sauce that has a hint of vinegar, sweet and sour but not overpowering one another, lightly applied before smacking an egg inside.

Flatten the dough.

Throw it into boiling oil.

Apply special sauce.

Add and egg and it is all done.

Of course, there is the egg less version but everyone seems to be ordering the egg version also known as the Zhar Dan Chong Yu Bing. Zhar Dan is Fried Egg but for Cantonese people like me, who love word play, Zhar Dan is also grenande or bomb. I like it so I will say Grenade Bomb Chong Yu Bing.

The line was moving very slowly and things started to speed up when more staff arrived. Prepare your order to make it fast and easy.

In one breathe, our order was made. 6 pieces, spicy and with egg.

This sinful oily snack will be worth the wait. We waited an hour in queue. Please DO NOT buy only 1. I ate three at one go and probably can go for a fourth.

As your palette gets a whiff of the wonderful taste that is ChongYuBing,  flour with scallion, deep fried egg and it’s special soy sauce and chilli sauce makes every minute waiting in line worth it.

I have certainly found something so delicious it was worth the sun baking.

The egg added oomph to the scallion pancake.

The dough is chewy and oily which gives it a moist texture.

They open from 1pm to 7pm or till sold out. Some people order ahead of time by calling in and placing an order.

Tell your taxi driver Fuzing Street Chong Yu Bing.  Just note that there are two stalls. Head for the blue van stall.

Taste the flavor and get addicted.

So delicious. So sinful. This probably is the one thing I can safely say, “I will come back to Hualien just for this.”


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