Taiwan : Chasing Dolphins, Hualien


08/17/14, 3:35 PM UTC+8

Catch the video at the end of this post.

This tour started at 3pm from hotel pickup and ended at 6pm at drop-off.

Instead of sitting around waiting for the day to pass, Andy recommended that we take a tour out to see and go for whale or dolphin watching. It was the season and having a 95% chance of spotting them.

After the mid-day snack, 3pm arrived and the van took us to pick up more tourist before heading to the docks.

There are flocks of tourist mostly from China and you have to pay attention when you name is called out. I gave my English name and it was a good choice as the announcer had to struggle and you know a funny sounding name will probably be you. Imagine someone sharing the same Chinese name as myself.

On to the boat and you can head up to the upper deck. It is the evening sun and you got to make sure you have sunblock on.

For those who fear, please put on your life jackets. For those who do not have sea legs, stay seated.

Everyone’s heading out. A total of about 5 boats.

There were a few boats going out and all in different directions. After about 30 minutes, the phone rang and all the boats started to converge at a point.

That is where we saw the majestic dolphins flipping and spinning around in the water.

This was my first experience of seeing wild dolphins and it was a sight to behold these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

The dolphins were having fun, swimming fast and following the stream of the boats.

This is a sign of them surfacing soon.


This was value for money. You get to see a few species of dolphins and about 40 of them chasing and swimming around.

Some swim by the calf.

Such intelligence.

Jumps are very common.

This one is a young calf that kept spinning in the air. Just because he could.


The above shot is probably the start of the best photo shots I have taken of dolphins.

It was time to go.

It was good luck for dolphins to swim ahead of ships.

By the way, when there are dolphins, there are no whales. Whales eat dolphins so………….You get the picture.

The tours are offered via hotels and tour agents. I saw some tourist walk up here and ask for tickets but were told Sold Out.

Overall, an awesome experience that you should take on your travels if the season is right.

Pick up at 3pm and it was back to around 6 pm though the tour may take a bit longer if it takes longer to spot the dolphins.

Tours are daily (in season) and start from morning to evening. As long as there is daylight.

Costs : 750 NTD per person.  Worth every cent.

View in 720p and watch out for 0:50 and see something special.

3 thoughts on “Taiwan : Chasing Dolphins, Hualien

  1. Hey! I’m going to be in Hualieng on the beginning of Jan and would love to do the same trip. Is there any chance you can let me know who did you book it with? I’d really appreciate that.

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