Taiwan : Getting Your Unlimited Internet in Taiwan

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16 August 2014, 3:51 PM UTC+8.

Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z2.

Most people I have noticed feels the lack of breath when they get disconnected from the Internet. Unfortunately, the internet is here and here to stay. I usually do not look at my phone when I travel. I turn off office emails and I use data mainly for GoogleMaps. But the occasional Whatsapp and Gtalk.

Here is how you get Unlimited Internet. Get it at the airport where the staff can speak acceptable English and get you what you want.

It can be mayhem here so take your pick. Get in line and buy and get out of here!

Once you head out of the international arrival, look for the sign that says telecommunication service.

It should be on your right.

You will see Taiwan Mobile, FarEastOne and Chunghwa.

Decide on your rates and make a leap of faith. I chose ChungHwa and all they needed was my passport and 500 NTD. You will be provided with a sim that can snap off into a micro Sim.

Insert into your phone and there is no need to activate as the Sim is activated for you on purchase.

7 days of unlimited Internet from ChungHwa Telecommunications costs NTD500 with NTD150 of credit to use for calls. This did come in handy when we needed a taxi in Hualien.

The staff will help you register and all I gave them was my passport. After they took details, they activated my line and passed me my starter pack.

It takes a while to get the data flowing. About 20 minutes. Make sure you are on 3G and disable your LTE.

Validity last by activation time so if you buy 10 days pass at 5pm, you plan will expire at 5pm, 10 days later.

Unlimited plans are a worry Free services to buy when traveling. You don’t need to hunt for free Wi-Fi if you need to check for maps or information.

The costs is a small price to pay for some convenience.

There were some travelers who compared the costs of calling back home and the IDD rates. For me, it was pure data that I needed.



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