Malaysia : Ipoh Sedap SS2, Petaling Jaya

2014-07-27 20.47.11-press

A place where those from Ipoh, missing a taste of home, come to eat.

This place does pass the high standard taste buds of some from Ipoh, to the very least.

Start having your pick.

For us that are from Kuala Lumpur, this place will be slightly different. It does offer a slight taste of Ipoh.

Of course, nothing beats going to Ipoh and actually eating there, like most travels.

I for one will not mind making a trip just for food but that is me and not everyone is like me or as crazy.

My favorite fish paste in fried bean curd skin.

I love hor fun / kueh teow noodles.

The soup base that comes with the noodles are flavoured well. I would say naturally flavored without using MSG.

The fish paste used is more fish than flour making the fish paste in the bean curd melt in your mouth rather than give a spongy texture that we from KL are more used to.

As for the pork ball, the pork flavor is just nice and the fish ball has a more spongy texture akin to fish balls.

Prices are reasonable.

Noodles go for RM2.70.
Yong Tau Foo goes for RM 1.40.
Fishballs go for 70 cents.

I ordered an Ipoh Dessert, translated to English known as Dizzy Head “Long” at RM3.50.

This dessert is cold and refreshing with lemon jelly and some lime squeezed in. So cold it makes you dizzy.

Of course, at the entrance of the restaurant, you can grab some popular Ipoh biscuits.

The directions to this place is simple, make a turn at the durian stalls, into BHP and pass the police station, the first row of shops, corner lot opposite SS2 Indomie.

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