Hong Kong : Tsui Wah Restaurant


Jul 1, 2014
Tue, 10:17 PM UTC +8

After our long tiring bus ride, we took a short walk to Temple Street and nearby, had noodles at Tsui Wah.

Springy wan tan noodles were gobbled down fast.

Order a bowl of shrimp wantan. This is a must eating in Hong Kong. You won’t go wrong.

My verdict? I still preferred the Malaysian dried version but it is more common to have the soup version in Hong Kong.

The dried version was different but good nonetheless.

Try this and it is enjoyable. I’d recommend this.

Time to head for some dessert before going back to the hotel to crash.

Some mochi with sesame.

Almond milk with an egg.

Tiring day but very fruitful. Good night.

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