Hong Kong : Tai-O, Lantau Island



Jul 1, 2014
Tue, 3:07 PM

Dad and I hopped onto a bus and some 30 minutes later, was at the seaside town of Tai-O.

Tai-O is really something. A small seaside fishing village, it is leaps behind from the modern city of Hong Kong.

We alighted the bus and the sun was full beating on us.

It was the weekend and the area was bustling with shops.

Buy your dried-seafood here.

Prices are competitive.

We headed thru the market and Dad bought some dried seafood.

We needed some lunch though it was late.

This will make your heart skip a beat. One old man said “die also never mind lah ” as his days are limited.

We ordered fried rice, crabs and prawns. The cooking was awesome. Very different from Malaysian Cantonease style, the Hong Kong Cantonese really know how to incorporate the flavors and you can taste the wok-hei ( flavor of the wok’s heat).

This is salted prawns. This is the bomb!

I eat prawns with the shell so this was easy.

One of the best dishes I have had in ages. Totally enjoyed the fried prawns.

We continued our walk to the gateway to the sea.

We decided to hop on a boat and take a short tour ala-Venice style thru Tai-O’s waterside stilt houses.

Houses on stilts.

The end of the tour took us out to sea to try and spot dolphins though I felt this was more of a scam than anything else. We did not seen any dolphins but maybe it was not the season.

Dad and I continued our walk thru the small streets of Tai-O.

It is an aging community, down to earth and very little economy. I guess the only economy they have are tourists so do support by buying local here. Buy your drinks, patronize the shops and buy the street food.

We stopped by to get some drinks at the front of a house.

Once you round the corner from the market, just before the Tai O Government Offices where there is a post office, you will chance on this house that sells home made drinks. Buy a drink to support the local economy.

All drinks are home made. They were refreshing in Hong Kong’s hot days.

We stopped to by some drinks before heading to the edge of Tai-O.

Iced lemon tea.

The houses were small and narrow. I wonder…..

This was heading to the water supply. I am not going to hike this. Just passing by.

Boat repairs and building.

The larger houses on Tai O.

Chatting with a fisherman.

This is the edge of Tai-O. There was a number of people here winding down the day and waiting for the sun to set.

No sunset today.

One thing I love about photography is the need to troubleshoot a situation and find the most direct solution when you do not have the necessary equipment. When there is no tripod, you make do.

Checking the results after some tweaking of the setting. They needed a fill flash due to the bright background shooting into the evening sun.

On the way back, we had some fish maw.

The fish balls were good too.

It has been a long day and we decide to head back to get out bus.

But not before eating one of the best Taufoofah ( bean curd pudding) I have tasted. Smooth, soft and just brilliant.

This is sugar and ginger, a great flavor for soybean curd pudding.

Never had I had so soft and smooth taufoofah. And this was the cold version.

You can opt to add this sugar to the taufoofah. Just a bit.

I did stop by to buy some herbal drink. I am not too sure what this is but it was cooling. Kinda like hibiscus.

We got back in the bus and headed back to Kowloon for the evening. The bus ride would take 1 hour plus direct into Kowloon. This was the other option versus the cable car. We opted to take this to avoid too many transits though I would say, the lights of Hong Kong from the cable car would have been spectacular.

Next trip I guess. I am heading there in July 2015 anyways.

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