Hong Kong : Goodview Seafood Restaurant, Tai-O


We had just taken the bus some 20 minutes from Lantau Island’s Buddha and arrived in the scorching sun of Tai-O.

We haven’t taken our lunch so after buying some dried seafood, we just took a pick and entered.

Okay, this is my first challenge or rather stumbling block. I looked Chinese, I spoke Cantonese but I could not read the menu.

Neither did Dad.

Luckily, I found the English menu.

Pick pick pick.

Fried Rice Yong Chow Style . HKD 55

This fried rice was very fragrant. There was no need to add soy sauce or salt. You want to know why?

Stir-fried shrimp. HKD78.

It was because of the prawns. These stir fried prawns were very unique. The flavors was a curious salty and sweet. The hint of slight sweetness peaking thru the flavour is something that you must come to try.

I ate the fried shells together with the prawns. Mix it with the rice and it is Bliss!!!

Steamed Crab. HKD 138

The crab was small. Probably the size of a wallet. But as you chew and pull the shell apart, you will get to taste the sea.

I see you!

The crab roes were perfect. My heart skipped a beat thinking about the cholesterol.

Dad made me finish the fried rice. This meal with Chinese tea ( HKD3 per pax) and service charge of HKD28 brought the total to HDK305.

I would definitely return for the prawns. They stole the show.

With belly full, it was time for some exploration of Tai-O.

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