Malaysia : Ramly Burgers at Brother John, Uptown Damansara

2014-06-21 20.57.10-press

A beautiful tasty mess!

That is what I will say about Ramly burgers. I have eaten my fair share of burgers and nothing beats the value for money awesome taste of Ramly burgers.

Of course, there are a few stalls in Malaysia that seems to the the bourjois of Ramly burgers. This is a post about one of them.

Brother John is a a stall that opens roughly around 8pm onwards till the wee hours of the night. Located opposite the Food Courts of Uptown before McDonalds, you will spot a lane between shop lots. Just at the point, you will see a burger stall.

Find your parking and make your order. Be prepared to wait as the queue can be long at times.

I do not see Brother John as often. Nowadays, the stall is manned by the youth.

Burger ‘special’ includes wrapping your patty with an egg.

The orders can come in a flurry. All burgers are made on order and there are no pre-made versions.

Keep Calm and Order Your Burger.

You can opt to takeaway or eat here. The recent years have seen the addition of chair and a small stall selling drinks. Back in the old days, you just take your burger and probably enjoy it in the car or take it home.

I prefer to eat it on the spot. I don’t like the soggy bread being more soggy after a journey home.

I took the burger apart and yes it is a mess. You have what is mainly mayonnaise and Brother John’s version of barbecue sauce.

let’s not forget the dash of Lea and Perrin’s sauce.

To be honest, it does not look grand and probably borderline disgusting and unappetizing but trust me. Malaysians know how good a Ramly Burger is and we do not care.


Prices range from RM4- RM5 average.

Photos taken with Z2.

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