Klang : Clams at Restoran New Boston

2014-06-14 18.54.01-press

Photos taken with Sony Xperia Z2.

This place is a popular place to have clams. Rice wine ginger steamed claims.

Here is a word of warning. If you arrive after 545 and are not in the first wave of order taking, you will have to wait. And when I say wait, it is a long wait.

There will be a long wait for a table and after your order, probably 60-90 minutes before your food is served.

Why is this place such a craze? I am not sure but the food is awesome. The clams are cooked individually hence the long wait. Do not expect this joint to be a fast food place.

Try not to sit there. Sit in front of the shop or inside the shop ( though it is a bit hotter though inside). Take my advice. Some people end up placing their tables around the corner at the end of this block! It is crazy!

Chilli and garlic in soy sauce is a must.

We arrived here at 545pm and whilst others rushed in to seat inside the shop, we opted to sit outside. Managed to grab a seat on the entrance of the shop.

Order taking was done at 550pm. Then the long wait. By the time the dishes arrived, I checked the watch and it was 645pm!

Eat this dish hot. The broth of this dish is best slurped hot. It is not spicy but it will make you sweat. The ginger in the broth makes it healthy for your stomach.

We ordered Nestum Mantis Prawns. This butter fried Nestum flakes makes this dish both sweet and salty. The mantis prawns are crispy fried and are delicious.

Gingery goodness.

Kangkung Belacan.

Sit where I am sitting or where the Uncle in yellow is sitting. I do see a lot of people eating Hokkien Noodles.

As we ate, we saw people come and go, unwilling to wait an hour for a place to sit and another hour probably for the meal to be served.

As we left after feasting, this was the line. Yikes.

Leave KL at 5pm. Arrive here and wait till 540pm. Prepare to head to the entrance at 545pm and wait for the grill to be lifted. Then it is a free for all.

Cost of meal? RM 50 with two herbal teas. Awesome price seeing that we ordered large servings of each dish.

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