KL : Ben’s Foodstore, Bangsar Village


***UPDATE, Ben’s Foodstore no longer operates in Bangsar Village.

Photos taken with Sony Experia Z2.

This is Dad’s favorite. I think almost every weekend that I am back, this pizza gets some mention.

Just before I caught my train to KLIA2 for my flight back to Singapore, we made some time to head down to Bangsar Village for some pizza.

The Funghi is a vegetarian pizza with mozarella, fresh wild mushrooms, marscapone, truffle oil and parsley.

There is no need to sprinkle salt as this one is tasteful enough. Dad loves the truffle oil and I cannot recall ordering any other pizza.

As I sat there sipping my sugarless, iceless watermelon juice, Dad and I spoke about the stock market, our Android whatsapp and how F5 stocks are doing.

As usual, I had to eat more as my Dad stopped at 3 slices.

Good times as he sips his Earl Grey. For once, all troubles floated away as Father and Son enjoyed a nice pizza together.

Food here is average for costs but the quality is good.

RM29 for the pizza was not too bad. Spending time with Dad = priceless.

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