Malaysia : KLIA2 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2


**** P and Q gates are a long walk away. Make sure you factor that in if you walk slow. I usually work out a sweat and hate the long walks. One travelator only.

**** Visa Paywave no longer gets discounts on KLIA Transit or KLIA Express.

So here it is.

Wrote this in 20 minutes and took photos whilst walking and had no time to bother about quality. This is my good deed for the day.

No frills, low quality pictures post. If you do not like it, you can go kiss me between the back pockets. I am writing this to share with you and if you do not appreciate it, well, get lost, literally in the airport.

First, let me say : THERE IS NO MORE LCCT LOW COST CARRIER TERMINAL whatsoever. ( I am hoping Google picks up these as tags)

You have to be pretty un-savvy to get lost in an airport. This means that you were too stuck up to ask for help and unable to follow instructions.

So what are my credentials? I fly every week. If you asked me to list the airports I have been to, please use both hands and both feet.

So, the easiest way for me was to take the KLIA Ekspres from KL Sentral to KLIA2 via KLIA. Now, the ride will cost the same as KLIA at RM35. Use Visa Paywave and get 20% off. I used my UOB SG debit card. Boom, the price became RM 28. Must tap at the gantry and exit. Just like Touch n Go or EzLink.  Line up at the counter and you pay RM35.  Some people may tell me it is not worth the hassle or whatever but…I fly every week so savings of RM7 multiplied by 52 times a year is…….boom.

So, take the train from KL Sentral all the way to KLIA.

STAY ON the train. It will hop over to KLIA2.

Once you exit the train, head up the escalator and then scan your card or insert ticket at the exit gantry. Now this is where it gets interesting.

Think of KLIA2 as a waterfall and you are at the bottom.

I turned right and went up a level. Now will be a good time to pay attention and look for your flight and the departure gate.

There will be information staff holding large ? mark signs for you to ask. Be polite ( I cannot stress how many assholes live in the world and are born daily).

So, being polite, ask where is your gate.

You will need to go up a few escalators to go to the departure level.

Now, look for AirAsia or whatever airline you are using.

Hopefully, you have web checked in prior to arriving at the airport.

Locate the document check counter, show them your passport and let them stamp you printout.

If you’ve noticed, this is a public area and there are tons of people. Go towards the departure gates. See that purple banner?

Okay, bigger. Now, show the security your boarding pass and passport. The area afterwards is Passengers Only.

Then, there is a “security scan”. This is bullshit and a way to get you to line up only. Just scan your stuff. I went thru without taking off my belt or taking up my tablets or whatever laptop. The security staff was more interested to see time pass for her shift to be over if anything.

So I looked back and there was AirAsia staff guiding people.This is where a large display showing the departure gates and timings would have been useful but leave it to Malaysia Airports Berhad to overlook it. So I asked the dude there and he had to look at his phone which had a JPG screenshot of the departure display. Pathetic right?

Please note. There are P, Q and L gates. DO NOT miss them. L gates are on the right and do not go forward.

I was walking to L gate and you have to go downstairs apparently.

Down down down and you will be greeted by a large line at………..the security scans. Again. Malaysia likes to increase redundancy. This ensures that there are job opportunities. It takes 10 people to screw in a light bulb, so the story goes.

Boom. There you go. take off your belt and watches and put them in your bag. take out your handphones too and put them in the bag. If you have laptops or tablets, take them out and place them in the tray. I have gone thru these so many times, I know it won’t beep when I walk thru the scanner. If you think this is a hassle, wait till they adopt TSA standards in US airports and demand that you take off your shoes and also go thru the Xray scanners that basically scan you nude. ( Think Xray googles for 25cents fantasy coming true but you are being scanned)

Be a good boy and listen to me. You will go thru faster and everyone is happy.  I have cursed so many people who brought water and had to rescan 3 times because there were from the village.

Once you are thru, look back and sigh.

So, the wing is really small and compact. There is not much space. Walls are close to one another but at least, there are proper gates.

It is good that they split the international departures to 3 wings. This reduces the chaos and provides better chance for maintenance.

Sempit. Imagine two way traffic and one trolley blocking the path.

I think I have made my point. Traffic jams will happen.

There are actual gates.

After your gate opens and your ticket is scanned,torn, taken by the staff, you either head down or go into a holding area.

Something like this.

I just sat there and waited for the boarding call.

Good thing is, there is the aero bridge so no walking in the heat or rain. Trust me, you end up paying a bit extra on your ticket for this but the price of this conveninece is worth it.

And you feel classier.

So, to cap back.

  1. Take the ERL KLIA Eskpres from KL Sentral to KLIA2.
  2. Stay on the train at KLIA.
  3. Once you exit the trains and scan your exit ticket, go right or left and head up. Look for the depature information.
  4. Remember it.
  5. Then head up again to the Departure Level.
  6. Check in at your counter.
  7. Head to the Departure Hall via the first security check. You present tickets and scan your bags. Simple scan.
  8. Then look for the signs that show P,Q or L gates.
  9. Follow the signs and then go thru the actual security scans. Empty pockets and take our your tablets and laptops.
  10. Head to your gate.

What shops are there? There is a large number of shops. In my 30 minutes zooming from train to gate, I saw lots of retail and eateries. You can Google to find out what shops they have.

I won’t spoon feed you. Oh yes, there is Free Wifi but as usual, it depends if you get a signal and if the service is up.

Ouch, my eyes hurt from the out of focus pictures. So bloggers, if you think it is acceptable. No it is not. I do not enjoy out of focus (OOF) photos and this is me giving you back a dose of the medicine.

I say it is acceptable seeing I did not plan on writing this post and since I feel nice enough to save you lost sheep, do enjoy and safe travelling.

I would say KLIA2 is way better than LCCT. Not too bad but leave it to the people to screw things up. Humans mess simple things up. I would recommend you leave earlier to the airport. Let’s just say,arrive 3 hours before departure. For me, I will arrive 90 mins before departure next time.

Okay, thanks bye.







11 thoughts on “Malaysia : KLIA2 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

  1. Hi Daniel, I will use KLIA2 for the 1st time in Nov and have questions about the walking time; you see, I have been told that I have to go through immigration after landing from Flight 1 at 12.45pm, and then do a document check (I would already have printed my boarding pass but seems I must get this stamped) at the Check In counters, before re-entering Immigration at Departures for my connectinh flight at 3.05pm. So I will have have at best 2hours, and I am wondering if this is doable…Thanks! Audrey

    • Technically, you have the time. The walks are long especially for Terminal P and Q which are about 2-3km walk.
      It really depends where your incoming plane docks and where your outgoing plane is.
      The walk to and fro the sattelite is long one. I can make it in about 10-15 minutes walking at a fast pace. 20 minutes are common.
      If you land or take off from L gate, that would save you less time.

      Are you on AirAsia ? If yes, you can actually look for their transit counters inside the terminals and should not require that you exit immigrations.

      hope this answers your questions. Ping me again if you have further or if I missed something. Always glad to help a traveller chase that A320. 🙂

      • Thanks so much! Yes, I am on Air Asia for both fligths but I made them on separate bookings, so they are considered point-to-point, not fly through. AA chat insists that I MUST do that crazy turnaround. Let’s assume that I land at the gate furthest to the Immigration from the first flight – so a fast walk would take me 20mins to Immigration. How long from that Immigration at Arrival Hall to Departure Hall? I gotta get to the Document Check Counter by 1.45pm say. And check in again by 2pm. I was told that if I check in by 2pm, I can make the 3.05pm flight even as I have to go through Customs, scans and another crazy long walk to the departure gate (assuming the furthest!!). BWT, how are the Immigration / Scan queues like in general? I have visions of being stuck for hours! Last question : do you think that I could persuade the transit counter people to let me be in transit (despite my two separate bookings? Afterall, I won’t have a checkin bag and I should already have my printed boarding pass)! Thanks again!

  2. the departure hall is just upstairs. So go out after immigration and pass customs and take the escalator up. The document check counters are there. Go and do web check in and print them out before you even enter Malaysia. You then do not need to check-in technically and just go validate/document check.

    The queues at Immigration is the usual. It depends on your luck coming in and how many people you overtake. I won’t say hours. Probably 10-20 minutes averages. Try to see if there are nice people who would let you cut queue by stating you have an outgoing connector.

    I would also speak to the cabin crew during your flight to see if they got any pointers.

    To be honest, the system is very ad hoc. Ask 3 people and 3 people can give you 3-all-valid ways on doing it.

    Get to the transit counter and show them that you have web-checked in for the departing flight and see what they say. This would take up to 5 mins most. The transit counter is actually at the L terminal. So if you are coming from the P and Q terminals, you will go down a flight of stairs and then see Immigration. Walk straight a bit you will see Maxis and other Telco companies selling prepaid cards. The counter is just behind that. So at most you lose 5 minutes if you go and check it out. It is worth it. If not, head back to immigration and go do it the normal way.

    Good luck.

    By the way, I have bought 2 separate tickets like you and have done the transit. The AA staff online is probably just following the rule book since it is an official online interaction. Like I said, the system is very ad-hoc.

    Safe travels.

    • Yes, you are right. I could always ask when I land to be allowed to do a transit, and if it is denied, then I guess I will try that crazy turnaround and if I miss my flight, then head out to catch the coach. I thank you very much for this advice and your patience!

      • Over the weekend, I had to transit from KLIA2 to KLIA which is even more daunting but I made it eventhough my plane was delayed an hour.

        During the flight, I saw the cabin crew ask if anyone is going to transit. This was rare but probably due to te one hour delay. I saw 1 or 2 were moved to the front of the plane to try to get them off the plane as quickly as possible. It was a nice gesture by the cabin crew.

        You can push your luck whilst asking about your transit questions and and if it was possible to move to the front so that you can get down quicker. ( do this mid-flight after the crew has done the normal duties ( carting food and cleaning up)).

      • Hi, I thought I should post an update that I did not have to do the crazy turnaround. With my printed boarding passes, I was able to pass through transit and had plenty of time to catch my flights. Yippee!

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