South Korea : Makchang Gui (Grilled Pig Intestines)


Apr 20, 2014
Sun, 4:58 PM GMT +9

Along the streets near the Konkuk University station, we searched for a dish which some people will find disgusting and dirty.

Makchang is grilled intestines of pig or sometimes beef over coal.

For those Running Man fans ( not me ), you probably know Kang Gary and this is one of his restaurants.

You may sometimes see the occasional Korean celebrity here.

One serving at KRW10,000

Spongy and raw when they arrive.

We’ll let them cook for a moment.

The dips that you can use for an added flavour.

I started to move the pieces around. I did not want them crispy.

The longer you leave them on, the crispier it gets. So cook to your preference.

This is the bomb! One of the best things I have eaten. Korean food continues to amaze me.

This is one you have to eat to experience.

I love pork by the way.

Time for the next meal.

Googlemaps : 37.541805,127.0670483















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