South Korea : Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul


18 April 2014

11:45 PM GMT +9

Today is fish market day. I do not like fish.

Probably the trauma of choking on fish bones and fish scaled stuck at the back of my throat coupled with stale fish took its toll on me.

I do not like the smell either.

Getting off the metro, walk up towards the overhead bridge that would take you into the fish market.

Be greeted by an eagle’s eye view of the entire market.

Bustling for a fish market.

Probably a missed order?

I have never seen so much fresh seafood.

Fresh fresh fresh. Different types of shrimp.

Live octopus.

Fresh lobster.

You can buy this as a take away for fresh ‘sushi’ by the road side.

Most of these stalls have owners who speak mandarin. They are catering for the tourist China market. Works for us.

It is a beautiful place to take photos.

My facsination with the giant squid continues. These long tentacles probably belonged to Architeuthis.

Hairtail fish is one of the best fish I have eaten. And that is saying a lot.

Skate. I was told the meat has a very pungent smell.

I was getting hungry.

We stopped by this shop and just picked.

She was recommending snow crab to us but I know it is King Crab for me. Nothing is better than king crab.

Time to go eat.

Poor fella. I am sorry.

We paid KRW 110000 for the seafood. (SGD130)

Right behind this lady’s shop is a restaurant. You bring your ‘catch’ in and they cook it for you for a fee. The fee is reasonable.

The cooking fee came to KRW 26000.

Sit on the floor Korean style and enjoy this catch.

Some freebies were thrown in.

These were chewy and weird. They actually look like cartoon grenades or something that Windows Minesweeper took inspiration from.

Koreans and their sauces. Perfect.

Some clams.

Fresh abalone!

The cook decided that grilling them was the best though I would have wanted to eat them raw.

Along came the crab.

Unlike the Seattle version, we get to eat the crab whole.

Hey there beautiful. Did I mention, my favourite color is orange. This tone of orange.

Spikes that identify king crab.

It is so fresh.

The underbelly is a bit challenging but with scissors,it works.

Fresh crab meat.

This one will get your heart racing.

We were done and hurried out to make space for the next customer.

I enjoyed my visit to the fish market.

On to Tower 63.













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