South Korea : Kalguksu at Gwangjang Market, Dongdaemun


04/16/14, 12:11 PM UTC+9

Next meal was Kalguksu. we had just eaten a bowl of bibimbap and now it was time for another meal.

In Korea, prepare to share meals so that you maximize the experience of the taste buds. There is so much to eat here and appetites are limited.

It is quite common to find TV shows visiting markets and interviewing stalls. These end up being part of the advertisement. For the tourist like me, I ended up accepting this advertising and sitting down.

This is knife cut handmade noodles : kalguksu.

The dough is first flattened.

Then a knife is used to cut it into strands.

Throw it in the broth to cook.

This was actually a very busy stall with customers sitting non-stop to eat.

As with all Korean meals, the customary kimchi.

Here it is. Served in a metal bowl. Do not worry. The metal bowl has seperation of two sheets of metal so that the heat from the soup will not be felt when you touch the bowl.

There were dumplings provided with the noodles.

As with all my Korean meals, it is a slurpy goodness. I really admire Korean cuisine and the importance of balance in taste.

Looking at this, I want to eat more.

Time for the next meal in Gwangjang Market.

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