South Korea : Gwangjang Market in Dongdaemun, Seoul


04/16/14, 11:56 AM UTC+9

Opened in 1905, Dongdaemun market is an icon of Seoul. It is actually a large area spanning many blocks. The area comprises of shopping malls and traditional markets. It is a mixture of modern and traditional.

It was late morning and I was getting hungry. Time for a Korean meal.

We headed into Gwangjang Market, a popular traditional market in Dongdaemun.

You can get the best bargains and the best foods in traditional markets.

Everyone is sitting down to eat breakfast or lunch.

There are a lot of choices.

Pick a seat and eat.

Most of the stalls are manned by the elderly who work their trade in preparing food.

Do prepare to squeeze around as you look for food and a place to sit.

Sundae, blood sausages.

Bibimbap is one of the common meals for Koreans. It is a simple dish comprising of many vegetables put together in a bowl.

The colorful ingredients are all thrown in to the metal bowl.

A large variety of vegetables, so colorful and tasty to the eyes.

We placed our order.

It arrives like this. Then start mixing with your spoon.

This is the final product and it was a hearty meal at KRW2500 per bowl.

On to the next meal.

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