South Korea : Bindaetteok at Gwangjang Market, Dongdaemun


04/16/14, 12:35 PM UTC+9

It was time for some filler. We had just finished the kalguksu some 5 minutes ago and was making our way out of Gwangjang Market but……no yet. Dessert would not be the right word to use for these pancakes but let’s call it that.

Mung bean pancakes or Bindaetteok as they are known is made from mung beans crushed.

This corner was probable the Bindaetteok corner.

Everyone sits down and starts eating. Some come and take out.

The picture above shows the crushed beans mixed with flour.

These are the mung beans.

A mechanical motor spins the grindstone, thus saving energy and increasing production.

They love to stack them.

This is Bindaetteok. It is oily and hot but such a nice filling pancake.

Flour, beans and some vegetables all in.

KRW2000 per piece.

They are fried on a flat pan with oil. It isn’t deep fried but the amount of oil, as you can see, if drowning.

I think we are full enough. Time to head to Gyeongbokgung


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