South Korea : One-Whole-Chicken Dalkhanmari, Seoul

_MG_2011-press04/15/14, 7:55 PM UTC+9

It was time to look for some dinner.

Seoul seems like a city that never sleeps. Amid the neon lights of the city, Seoulites criss-cross and all looking to head somewhere for more work or partying.

Business as usual. Who cares if the sun has gone down.

Fast street food.

Grilled fish. Further down the trip, would we realize how good fish is in Seoul.

This was the shop picked at random to eat dinner.

This will becomes a great dipping sauce.

Some pickled cabbage kimchi.

Diced garlic.

This is the aftermath but to cook this, the ingredients are poured and cooked in front of you. The a whole chicken is cut up using scissors and left to simmer.

The broth is really sweet and flavorful. The strength of the herbs and ginseng makes for a great combination. The ginseng is just light and not overpowering. Form people like me who are hypersensitive to stimulants like ginseng, this is light and there is nothing to worry about.

This reminded me of a Chinese dish that we fondly know as Chick Kut Teh. I would recommend a whole chicken for two people. Do not worry, the chicken is not very large.

Some rice cakes as carbo is a staple in Korea.

It is a nice warm dinner on a cold spring night in Seoul.

One whole chicken is KRW 20,000.

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