South Korea : Lunch in Jeju City


04/15/14, 11:38 AM UTC+9

Time to look for some lunch as Mr Boo went home for a short break. 

There are lots of tangerines for sale.

Walk thru the market and observe what is for sale.


We found a snack shop and this was going to be lunch. Order enough snacks and you will have enough for lunch.

Delicious! KRW1500.

Yummy odeng. Comprises of fish paste in bean curd. KRW2000

Tteokbokki is spicy rice cakes. Spicy levels depends on location but I felt it was more sweet than spicy. Just a bit of spice. Not the burning hot asking for water type.

I liked the texture of the rice cakes. So chewy. KRW 3000

Another popular snack is rice rolls.

Kimbab is known as the fast food choice. Simple and quick, it is made by rolling rice and some vegetables and pickles ( pickled radish is common ) then once wrapped in seaweed, some sesame oil may be glazed on top. Awesome.

Eat the odeng with the soy sauce provided. This is soy sauce Korean style.

Lots of other fried stuff too.

Tteokbokki forever being stirred.

Get some of these tangerines. Note there are two types. The one with the protruding head and the normal round ones. These are the sweetest citrus fruits I have ever tasted in my life.

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