South Korea : Leaving for Jeju City


04/15/14, 9:10 AM UTC+9

Mr Boo picked us up and it was time to head to Jeju City for the afternoon flight back to Seoul.

Along the way, were were to stop by some places.

The first was near some private property to get a beautiful view of Mnt Hallasan.

The highest peak on Jeju Island.

You know you are on private property when the dogs come out barking.

By this, you can tell that spring is well matured with the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

This was taken by the roadside as we asked Mr Boo to bring us to see cherry blossoms since we will miss it as Spring 2014 arrived earlier by about a month.

Heading up north to Jeju City from Seowipo, we stopped by at a Wetlands for a break.

Take a quick walk around and enjoy the nature of 1100 Wetland.

Try not to litter here.

The clear blue skies is a great opportunity to take photos.

Some actually cycle here.

Mysterious road was a quick one. We stayed in the car and Mr Boo turned off the car and the car rolled uphill.

It is actually an optical illusion.

Time to zoom towards Jeju City.



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