South Korea : Hostel Beige, Seoul



04/15/14, 5:37 PM UTC+9

Time fly off from Jeju back to Gimpo in Seoul. 

Flying fascinates me.

My long lost buddy Boeing 747 still puts me in awe.

We were looking at accommodation in Seoul a few months back.

We chanced upon this little boutique hotel in Dongdaemun.

Ratings on Tridadvisor was good and after reading a few reviews, we decided to book them.

One convenience was that the airport bus station is just across the street. This will make departure easy.

We checked in and after greeting us and giving us the wifi password, we headed upstairs to a very small but adequate room.

I was actually very tired after a day of going around Jeju and then taking the hour flight back into Gimpo and heading to Dongdaemun.


There was space enough for a queen bed, a small bathroom and if you open 2 luggage bags, you will not have space to move.

We travel light and fast. Our rooms are mainly for sleep and storage. We usually go out in the day and never come back until late at night.

This means cleanliness and convenience is rated above posh amenities.

We have staycation holidays but we usually travel than relax and laze around in cities.

We highly recommend this place for its convenience to the metro.

Located on the main street, you need not worry about the noise as the hotel is tucked inside and pretty private.

Delight to stay. We probably will come back here to stay when we come back to Seoul.

KRW 70,000 per night was not too bad a deal.

It was time to head out for a bit of exploring and dinner. Ahn Yeong 🙂

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