South Korea : Heunginjimun Dongdaemun, Seoul


04/15/14, 8:37 PM UTC+9

This is just a few minutes walk down from Hostel Beige.

Heunginjimun translated to Gate of Rising Benevolence is one of the eight gates of Seoul. When I saw this gate, I was in awe of the structure as well as the preservation of this gate thru the hundred of years.

The commonly known name is Dongdaemun.

This great gate was built in 1398, renovated 1453 and rebuilt in 1869!

We took a walk around it to capture some photos.

It is very rare to find history surviving thru to the modern days when a lot of heritage is torn down for modernization. I am glad that these gates still exist as a bastion reminder of the past glories.

Make a quick stop here in the evening to capture this beautiful gate illuminated.

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