Korea : Jeju Taxi Driver


Taxi tours are must when you travel in Jeju. To cover as many spots at one go, you need a taxi guide for an entire day. They are the best and the most efficient. Trustworthy and honest. 
Most English speaking taxi drivers are booked very quickly.

My advice is to book early ahead of time as most of them are booked months ahead. Do not book last minute.

Jeju taxi drivers are quite tech savvy. Most of them have Line, Whatsapp, WEChat and you can get their numbers online and start booking.

Most have a pretty good grasp of foreign language and they go thru classes. Please do not take them as rude when they talk as they may just be speaking to convey information over minus intonation and context.

Make sure you have a set confirmed itinerary before booking. As with most business proprietors, do not ask too many questions as there have been people who have annoyed the taxi drivers. The price is competitive and similar thru out. If you get a driver, just confirm it and don’t bother haggling or shop for another driver. You end up not having someone to take you.

Rates range from 80,000 to 100,000 KRW for half day and 100,000 to 150,000 KRW for full days.

Jeju island is huge and some locations take an hour to reach.

You can pretty much cover quite a lot with an efficient driver.

I received Mr Cheon’s phone number from another taxi driver I Whatsapped. Most drivers were booked and I was lucky enough to get Mr Cheon who was free for Day 1 and got me another taxi driver for Day 2.

I gave him a list of the places I wanted to go and he said it was doable. We travel quick and do not spend long hours at one place hence the ability to cover more places in less time.

Mr Cheon will take you around the entrance of each spot. He will also help you take photos and he will insist on you posing weirdly. After a while, he will tell you where to go and let you go on your own, whilst he waits at the car. Korea is generally a safe country and you can leave your luggage in the car while you sight see.

Mr. Cheon +82 1066936411 (English Speaking)

Mr. Boo  +82 10-9458-3388  (Speaks Japanese)

Good luck. Contact them way ahead. You may get referred to other taxi drivers but it is all good.

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