Korea : Jeju Tangerines


One of the must things to do in Jeju is to enjoy the Jeju Tangerines. They are popular throughout Korea and you must try this.

If you think Sunkist oranges are good, Jeju Tangerines is the Champion’s League of Oranges. Apparently, the best times to buy then are in winter and spring.

The tangerine has a very unique feature. It has a protruding stem. Known as the hallabong, each fruit weighs about 200 to 300 grams and is a relatively large fruit.

Hallabongs are generally sweet and rarely sour.

We bought ours for 2500 KRW per fruit.

The stem makes it easy for you to peel it open. Snap it off and start digging in.

The fruit has a lot of fiber and from the hallabongs that I have eaten, all were seedless!

This is the sweetness most juiciest citrus fruit I have ever tasted.

I love how each chamber is easily peeled away and you can eat it without slurping all over. But if I were you, I’d just go all in and eat it without peeling away each chamber.

You must try this once in your lifetime.

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