Korea : Seongsan Ilchulbong, Jeju-do

_MG_1632-press04/14/14, 6:47 PM UTC+9

It was an eventful evening after leaving the canolas by the road.

Our taxi driver avoided a collision with a car that stopped suddenly. I braced myself for impact but the skillful drive of Mr. Cheon who applied the brakes well enough to slowdown and then veered to the side of the road, avoiding a very unpredictable outcome.

The fallout of that near accident was a damaged undercarriage as our car flew over rocks and mounds of gravel. The taxi was leaking engine fluid and Mr. Cheon had to drive into the city to try and locate a workshop.

We sat at the workshop for about an hour and the car needed to be left overnight as it was not an instant repair.

We arrived at Seongsan Ilchulbong when the sun was setting. Seongsan Ilchibong is a crater that east of Jeju hence it would be more perfect for sunrise photography in the morning and if you want blue skies, you will have to come here during the afternoon when the sun is more west, behind you.

As you head up Seongsan Ilchibong, face west and capture the beautiful sunset.

It was getting dark and we decided not to head up to the top of the crater. My friend told me that the view was beautiful and the entire crater, fertile with black soil, was very green with flora. I guess this was a trip for next time.

Evening was setting.

Walking along the cliffs as the moon rose, we could see the large crater becoming illuminated. The illumination lasts only a few hours and is turned off when the park closes.

Grab some snacks at the base.

This one was awesome. Beats a pack of chips anytime.

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