Korea : Paris Baguette, Seogwipo


Time for breakfast and time to try this popular Korean cafe.

Established in 1986, it is a growing franchise offering French baking culture to Korea.

Enter the cafe and you will be greeted with a large assortment of pastries.

There are also localized pastries on offer.

A simple twist doughnut.

A simple croissant.

Custard filed pastry.

Smooth coffee. Korean coffee somehow allures me tremendously.

I do not need to order decaf and the coffee is just….smoooooth.

If you forget gifts, come here and buy a set. They make good presents.

Grab some cookies for the road.

Garlic toast. Lightly toasted, lightly garlicked.

I got tempted and grabbed the toasted ham and egg sandwich. What I like about Korean food is that the taste is just nice. Not too salty. Not too sweet.

Grab a seat and come on in. Enjoy some coffee and the Korean sun.




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