Korea : Oedolgae, Seogwipo, Jeju-do


14 April 2014 @ 1120am

Oedolgae, The Lonely Rock by the sea tells the story of a grandmother, who sent her husband out to sea. He never came back and she, stood facing the sea in hopes of seeing him return.

She turns to stone and one day, he finds his way back to be with her forever.

The locals say Oedolgae as Weh – Dol – Gay so if you are taking a taxi, DO NOT say Oh-Dol-Gay. You know what, just print this article out and show it to your taxi driver.

If you’d noticed the time we arrived here, it is fairly nearby and a quick hop from Cheongjiyeon and Saeyun Bridge.

If you look at the rock formation, you will notice the plants making up her hair.

Imagine seeing a woman from the 7 o clock angle and you will start to make out the side of her eyes, then the nose, the jaw and her lips.

If you are not seeing it, you are hopeless.

The grandfather is harder to see but use your imagination and you will start noticing some distinctive features of a man lying down in water.

This location is beautiful. Scientifically, it is from lava spewing forth from the ground via a geyser that caused the rock formation.

Fresh cold springs line this area. Take a sip.

Take a walk along the short trail to a filming location that most of you should know. It was a drama that pioneered Korea to Asia and the world.

It is a picturesque scene.

Have you noticed yet?

Yes, Dae Jang Geum is a 2003 drama about an orphaned kitchen cook who went on to become the king’s first female physician. In a time when women held little influence in society, young apprentice cook Jang-geum strives to learn the secrets of Korean cooking and medicine. This drama was part of the Korean Wave that swept thru Asia and across the world.

I believe, after this drama, translated to many languages, dubbed or subtitled, cause interest to gain on Korean culture and Korean cuisine.

Along the short trail, you will see one or two stalls selling Jeju tangerines.

At the entrance, a few stores selling chocolates and souvenirs.

It’s a doggone life.

A very unique rock formation that makes you even believe the legend. Goodbye grandma and grandpa.


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