Korea : Kalguksu Noodles, Jeju-do



04/14/14, 3:43 PM UTC +9

It was time for lunch and Mr. Cheon drove to a common lunch spot up in the hills near Hallasan.

Apparently, this place has history and is depicted by old black and white photos.  Thru the years, this place has modernized and evolved to the air-conditioned diner.

Kalguksu is handmade knife cut noodle made from wheat flour and served in a flavorful broth. I ordered the clams broth.

The soup based was very smooth and rich with aroma. There was a hint of natural flavoring used and the absence of overpowering salt or MSG.

It is a wholesome and rich meal. For some reason, I have always felt that Korean cuisine is very healthy and wholesome.

The kimchi had a strong garlic homemade taste.

Initially, I did not know what was these bowls.

The pickled radish was sour and crunchy.

You may grab top ups of the kimchi from these bowls.

Juicy flavorful clams accompany the smooth soft tangy texture of the wheat flour noodles.

Eat up and slurp every drop of the soup. That is how the Koreans eat kalguksu.

At KRW7000 per bowl, it was a nice wholesome meal and of course, we paid for Mr. Cheon’s bowl of noodles too as is customary.


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