Korea : Jusangjeolli Cliff, Jeju-do


Around 1pm, we arrived at Jusangjeolli. The place was not far and after parking the taxi, Mr Cheon guided us to the entrance and after 2000 KRW per person, we walked to the path that lead to a viewing point overlooking the rock formations.

A cyclist parks and waits to pay his entrance fee.

The Jusangjeolli rock pillars are mainly hexagonal or cylindrical in shape.

The source of the lava is from Mount Hallasan that erupted and as lava flowed into the sea of Jungmun, rapid cooling allowed for nature to shape the pillars.

Watch as waves crash on the rocks throwing a mist up to the air.

I enjoyed how blue and clean the waters were.

The natural beauty is no mistake. You would think that these are manmade stone carvings of an artisan stonemason.

This view is the most sought after. Postcards are filled with this shot.

A closer look at the rock formations using my zoom lens.

The view point is filled with tourist and you need to take your turn to get an unobstructed view of the stone formations.

I would be quick as to not take up too much time. Once you have snapped your photo, move to the side and you will find more spots for photos.

If you walk further right , across the cliff, you get a different view but the views stop there.

I would estimate about 20-40 minutes in this place if you want to be quick.

A lovely place and a beautiful vista as you see waves crash on the rocks.

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