Korea : Jeongbang Waterfalls, Seogwipo, Jeju-do


Jeongbang Waterfalls is just about 10 minutes drive from Minjoongak. The walk would not have been fun.

There is ample parking here.

There is a need to pay the fee of 2000 KRW per person. It is free for tour guides and taxi drivers. Pay at this station and then start heading down the steps.

As you head down, you will be greeted by vistas and the refreshing sound of waves crashing on rocks.

There will be aunties selling fresh live seafood. You can have your sashimi and sushi here. I believe the prices are reasonable. I did not fancy and kept on moving along.

A far off, you can see the waves coming in.

No, this is not Jusangjeolli cliffs, but the shapes are similar.

I had to walk out on these rocks. If you noticed, most of my pictures do not have people in them. Why? Because they are all on my right and I ventured further out taking more risks to get the better shots.

Here you go. Jeongbang waterfalls is unique. It is very rare to find a waterfall that empties itself into the sea. It is the only waterfall in Asia that falls into the ocean.

The sun was up and a rainbow formed at the bottom of the falls.

It is a 23 meter waterfall.

Legends have it that a dragon lives under the falls. The dragon’s spirit was known to cure disease and even bring rain during droughts.

There is another story of Emperor Jin from China who ordered Seobul to go to Hallasan to fetch magical herbs from the fountain of eternal youth. He did not find any but he did pass by this place and left his autograph here. Seobul gwaji which means Seobul was here. Daniel gwaji too.

This is a common place to for couples to come and take wedding photos. I managed to get this very comical expression. She was probably summoning the dragon’s spirit, or it was very stressful. She was actually running her hands thru her hair. Gorgeous.

She had to wear sneakers on the rocks. Trust me, it is tough enough which my sport shoes. She probably had a tough time in that dress and all.

As you head back up, do remember it is uphill now and you got to work those thighs. Head left for the way out and there are some souvenir shops. I gave it a pass.

This is a beautiful waterfall and you must visit this. I would say spending about 30 minutes here will be adequate. Now to the next spot.


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