Korea : Jeonbuk Ttukbaegi, Abalone Hotpot, Jeju-do


04/14/14, 10:01 PM UTC+9

A must eat when you are in Jeju is abalone hotpot.

In Seogwipo, our guesthouse was strategically located near famous food streets.

This evening’s hunt was Abalone Hot pot. It was late at night after the long day and most shops were closing. We searched high and low needing to eat the abalone hotpot before leaving for Seoul the next day.

Scouring the streets, one shop was found amidst screams of Jjeonbuk ttokbaegi!!!

The shop owner looked at us, then looked into the shop and with 1-2 tables still not served, agreed to let us dine as the last customer.

The walls of the shop are scribbled with visitors and knick knacks.

An aquarium filled with abalone fresh and ready for your hotpot graces the shop entrance.

The uniqueness of kimchi in Korea allows you to experience different side dishes at every meal.

The customary kimchi.

Acorn jelly. A cooling banchan

Pickled chilli.

I ordered an extra slice of hairtail fish, an awesome fish to eat and I am not a fish lover. So that is saying a lot. Soft and flavorful meat.

This was a very different rice. Purple but beautiful It was glutinous.

Soon, the abalone hotpot arrived, steaming fresh.

I would recommend ordering larger abalone as they tend to shrink after boiling in the hotpot.

What hides beneath the surface of this boiling wonder?

The abalone was juicy and chewy, a joy to eat.

Clams and crayfish accompanies your abalone hotpot.

One thing I’ve noticed about Korean soup is that there is an absence of monosodium glutamate,  which allures to me as I have slight allergy to MSG overdose.

The broth was very flavorful and enjoyable on a cool evening. Slurp up every drop of this rich broth that is sweetened by abalone, crab and crayfish.

Dinner 28,000 ( abalone hotpot 13,000 & hair tail fish is 15,000)

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