Korea : Cheongjiyeon Waterfalls, Jeju-do


There are two similar named waterfalls in Jeju Island. This got really confusing and the websites seem to contradict one another. You can distinguish it by the Ji and Je. One is CheongJiYeon and the other is CheongJeYeon.

Cheongjiyeon Waterfalls basically means God’s pond. The name was derived from the legend that 7 fairies serving the King of Heaven came down using a stair of clouds to bathe in the clean water.

The entrance ticket cost 2000 KRW per person.

To get to the falls, you need to walk thru the park.

You can see the traditional raft which was last time used for fishing and seaweed gather.

You can take your time to read the description.

There are lots of people taking photos.

The water surrounding this area is really clean and clear.

Protector of Jeju. Dolharubang carvings are aplenty in Jeju. They represent protection and fertility.

The entrance mark.

I was very astonished by the clean water.

Cross this bridge. Just watch your step. You can just end up splashing into the water.

The Magic bead of Yeoeujiu is known to for prosperity. Rub the magic bead to prosper.

The story is pretty good. A dragon who lives here saved a girl by snatching the man who wanted to do her harm.

I threw a few coins.  The mandarin duck symbolizes marital harmony, the carp is for the successes of your life and the turtle is for a sound mind and a sound body.

The weather was good and spring was in. The cool breeze accompanied by the warm sun was truly rejuvenating.

There are many small falls in this area. You can hear the peaceful sound of water…being pierced by the shouts of noisy tourists!

You will need calm waters to see the smile. It is the reflection of the rock that you can see.

Cheongjiyeon Falls is a habitat for migratory ducks.  You can spot them around the ponds and on top of small falls.

There were people asking if this was a real tortoise. Yes it is.

22 meter waterfall.

The pond is home to mutae eels. They are active only at night.

Take a look at the people standing on the rock. It is a common place for photos. Make it quick and take your chance.

I had to wait a while but managed to get on the rock.

What a beautiful sight. You have to be there to really take in the scenery.

It is a beautiful waterfall. It is a location rich with flora and fauna.

I enjoyed the good weather and the good photographs. I was getting a bit sun burnt and had no choice but to buy some sunblock as I left mine back in the room.




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