Korea : Canola Flowers by the road in Jeju


It was 430pm and after a late lunch, we were on our way to another spot. Midway, we stopped by the road to admire the beautiful road bordered by Canola Flowers.

Spring was in the air and the flowers blossomed a yellow hue.

Doesn’t this remind you of the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz, only thing is this is the Yellow Flanked Road.

Also known as rapeseed flowers, you can expect this all over Jeju-do where they grow.

What a dizzying array of yellow.

Mr Bee was helping nature by ensuring he kept going from flower to flower. The sound of bees buzzing can be heard along with the occasional cars that drive by this road.

I have never seen such a beautiful road.

I would not mind cycling this road to see where it leads.

Make sure you request your taxi / tour to include seeing these roads in Jeju.

Though this is just a road side stop, I cannot avoid saying this is a beautiful spot.

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