Korea : An evening in Seogwipo, Jeju-do

_MG_0590-pressThe arrival day left us with an evening to spare. It was plenty of time to unwind and take in the cool weather here. 15C is mine kind of weather. Out I went in a Tshirt.

It was decided that the walk to Jeongbang and Cheonjiyeon falls was just too far even from Seogwipo. Though on the map they seem near, the walk downhill from the higher Seogwipo is actually makes it a longer hike.

From this bus drop off point, Minjoongak is a small distance walk.

You will get to walk thru streets lined with restaurants and shops selling the famous Jeju Island tangerines.

The roads were not too busy. The occasional car/taxi passes by. I began to feel the peace of a less hectic pace.

The sidewalk is filled with flowers.

Spring was in season and most of the flowers were blooming.

Murals on walls are a common feature here in Seogwipo. Take time to enjoy them on your walk.

Time for check in, finally.

Clean cozy rooms. Heated flooring and a firm bed.

Let’s take a walk before we have dinner.

The weather was good in Seogwipo. Blue skies and a temperature of around 14C.

There was a bridge overlooking a stream. This stream flows in the direction of Cheonjiyeon Falls.

There are small parks around Seogwipo. Some join the trails that lead to the Cheonjiyeon waterfalls.

Pine cones.

Haraboji ( grandfather ) statues are the protectors of the island.

Starbucks not at every corner but there are for those Starbucks fanboys.

Seowipo makes me feel like I went back into the 90’s. Buildings are more traditional and the architecture is old school. I like it. There are too many modern buildings nowadays.


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