Korea : Airport Chronicles

_MG_0321-pressIn a span of 24 hours, I spent my time in 4 airports. Leaving KLIA at 1am, I arrived in Incheon at 820am Korea time. (+9 GMT)

I took the train to Gimpo airport to get on a 1230pm flight to Jeju. This was the first time I spent 24 hours hopping from airport to airport.

Incheon Arrival. 

Arriving groggy and tired after a red eye flight from Kuala Lumpur, the pass thru immigration was surprisingly slow.

Incheon is an awesome airport. The vastness of space with the very high ceilings on each floor make you feel like this is a city in the skies.

It was rated the best airport in the world for 7 years consecutive from 2005 to 2012.

You will find numerous eateries along the halls of Incheon.

As usual, the airport is a perfect place to place your product for advertisement.

Located just next to a large Samsung LED TV screen, were charging stations for you to plug in and get your boost of electric juice. Over the years, the bane of technology has always been power or to phrase it correctly : the lack of power.

First time seeing the curved LED UHD TV by Samsung. It may just be gimmick but they do say it is more immersive.

Decorations all over.

Toss a coin for happiness and good luck. We dug up our Malaysian coins and threw them in.


Water fountains theme Incheon. The flow and calming sounds of water relieve the tired Seoul.

If you need information, head over to any of these question marks and the multi-lingual staff are more that happy to answer your queries.

You can purchase your T-Money at the Supermarts located at Incheon. This is convenient and you can tap in and out of gantries for the metro and buses. You can even pay for some of your purchases at convenient marts like 7-11 or even Lotteria.

The card costs 3000 won and I topped up 30,000 won.

We had to head to Gimpo Airport. Now Gimpo is the hub for domestic flights and you get to travel to places like Busan and Jeju.

There is a common misconception by many who travel here. It is NOT THE SAME airport. Gimpo is located about 1 hour taxi ride away or 45 minutes away by train.

Please plan your connection flights at least 3-4 hours ahead of your arrival into Incheon. 

Keep following the signs that state Airport Railroad.

Head down to get the train from Incheon to Gimpo. We took the transit train which makes several stops before heading to Gimpo.

Head out of the train and look for the Gimpo sign. Mind you, it is a long walk so do not think it is just…….there. Probably another 10 minutes.

Gimpo Arrival.

Gimpo is slightly more compact and probably makes it feel more cramped. There are more people here heading in different directions.

I got my check in. My flight from Gimpo to Jeju  and back costs 137,000 KRW . It also comes with 15kg luggage allowance. Not too bad a price.

Was getting hungry so we decided to look for some food. We had about 90 minutes to spare before boarding time.

Not much choices here in Gimpo so just head into one.


This fish was surprisingly awesome. Fresh tasting except for the belly, but that is the norm. I hate fish guts but other than that, this fish which came as an extra was a surprise.

I tried the galbitang ( beef soup ) and it was not too bad. There was a lack of salt but I think Koreans eat healthy and let you add your own salt.

The beef flavors engulf the broth and it is a welcome flavor to my taste buds.

I usually dunk the rice into the galbitang.

Time to head to the departure halls. The customary scans are required.

Jeju Arrival.

An hour later, arrival into Jeju was uneventful. I fell asleep before the plane took off from Gimpo. It was becoming a long day.

Head out of exit 5 and head over to the bus that will take you to Seogwipo. The bus ride takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes and if you can stay awake, you can get a pretty nice view of Jeju Island.

The bus ride costs 5500 KRW.

I fell asleep in the bus again. It was tiring.














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