Singapore : Suki-ya, Marina Square

2014-04-09 18.31.24-press

Audrey used my birthday ( next week ) as an excuse to go out for dinner after work. So we gathered the eating team and walked over to Marina Square for some Sukiya.

As most of you know, I have eaten at the Sukiya in Paradigm Mall and I decided to try this one in Singapore.

What is the first difference?

No lamb. There was pork though.

We opted for Pork based broth, soy sauce sukiyaki, laksa and kimchi.

Left is laksa and right is kim chi.

Thinly sliced chicken.


Left is pork.

This was the civilized table BEFORE we started eating.

We helped ourselves to what is available.

Noodles? I skipped them.

In the midst of attacking the meat, I totally forgot about these.

Make sure you take some vegetables to sweeten the broth.

We had to add $4.90 for bottomless drinks.

I prepared the egg. Scramble it.

Scrambled. What does this do? Your meat will be boiling hot and you dip it in the egg to cool it down and add the egg flavour to your meat.

Bring your pot to boiling bot.

Thin, too thin but we do not care.

Here is what you do with the cooked meat.

I must say, the laksa was awesome though.

So here is a story. My table had 5 guys and me. That is 6 guys ready to eat an entire cow. We started by the default 9 plates. Then we decided to go 12 plates of beef. We went thru them so quickly. We called the waitress and asked for 20. She immediately warned us about a 20% surcharge for food wastage. We all laughed and I told her : “I doubt there will be wastage.”

Even after the 20, we took another 9 plates.

If you pay attention to the top level, it was filled to start with when we arrived. Boom! 50 plates gone!

Okay, a bit of ice cream to neutralize the meat overload.

Thanks guys for spending dinner with me. I spend most of my dinners alone so having some company with laughs is a good change.

@Audrey, Lu Liu, Wu Zhen, Arcelli, Loreto, Indra, Won-soo, Porntep, Dwight, thank you 🙂


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