Seattle : Ten Sushi

_MG_9690-pressSo Jing and Edward were hungry. We had just finished another killer day of lectures and it was time to get some dinner. I had spent lunch with Francisca and Austin ( the day where I was asked for my ID to prove that I was 18 years when ordering alcohol), so I thought it was going to be a nice evening walk up to Mercer and then head east to QFC.

The sushi served here is of high quality.

They taste awesome.

They are beautiful to look at.

They are fresh.

Fried seaweed. This one tastes sweet. Good to accompany sake.

They are value for money. I have not seen such a small rice the size of half my thumb accompanied by a slice of fish so large and thick.

We had to get some crab rolls.


Tuna sashimi.

Tempura prawns were delicious.

I recommend this place. Just way too good for the quality. They do not stuff you with rice and you get what you pay for.

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