Singapore : BeerThai House Restaurant, Golden Mile Complex

2014-02-08 20.25.23-pressIf a Thai tells you this is nice Thai food, you better believe it! My good friend Porntep brought us after work and told me this is probably one of the more authentic Thai foods in Singapore. If it is good for him, I guess it will be good for me.

Tucked in a corner of Golden Mile Complex,#01-96 Golden Mile Complex, you will find BeerThai hiding behind the front row of shops. It did take me a while to locate it as I had to rely on my photographic memory to remind myself. Of course, the person following me was beginning to doubt me and she kept asking me, Are You Sure?

Do arrive early or late especially over the weekend as there will be scores of people eating here.

It is quite a popular place for locals to come and enjoy the Thai food. There are actually two BeerThai restaurants. One at Golden Mile Complex and another at Golden Mile Tower.

The Golden Mile Complex branch from my observations, have the more competitive and economic prices. Porntep told me that the Golden Mile Tower branch is slightly pricier though the last time we went there, we had a farewell and ordered double of everything including fish.

First order of the day, is Thai Iced Milk Tea. It is very flavourful. Slightly sweet due to the milk and a strong tea flavor. The drink arrives unstirred and will look like the picture above.

A few swirls and twirls of the straw will get you the typical iced’ milk tea color.

Seafood Tomyum. This one is a bit on the spicy. My stomach felt the sting of spiciness the moment I slurped it down.

There are some prawns in the fish, with some squid and fish slices. I was sweating from this hot,slightly spicy sour soup.  Do not worry, if you are Asian, this is not THAT spicy.

This is a must. The prawn omelette (SGD 10). You can taste the flavor and of course, the oil. This is one dish you should just put aside any “health” conscience. Heck, this whole meal should be taken with a silenced conscience.

Next is Basil Leaf Pork. The pork is minced and the flavour is enhanced by the basil leaves. Watch out for the chillies that will add to the sting of the Seafood Tom Yum. This dish best taken with rice and is available ala carte with a fried egg.

Pandan chicken is a hit and miss here. I will say I have had better pandan chicken. Moist but the flavors are not that infused into the chicken.

Dessert is the ever popular Red Ruby which actually consist of sour coconut milk, ice shaving and red coloured water chestnuts. This sweet and sourish dessert is a top hit amongst the Thais and I love this. This is a file photo of a previous visit as today, unfortunately, there was no more Red Ruby.

Mango Sticky rice (file photo) is also available. Not too bad. This dish relies on the sweetness of the mango. If the mangoes are not sweet, it is just wasted calories.

Overall, a wholesome meal and I would say, 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Beer Thai Restaurant is located at:
Golden Mile Complex, #01-94
5001 Beach Road
Nearest Mrt Station : Nicoll Highway (5 Mins walk), Lavender Stn (10 Mins walk)

Opening Hours : 11am to 11pm daily.

There is another branch at the Golden Mile Tower.


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