Malaysia : Lunar New Year Eve Reunion Dinner.


Every year, since I no longer stay in Malaysia, I make the effort and point to return home to have a family dinner with my family.

My Dad usually starts the mood off by plugging the Chinese New Year lanterns to light the house porch.

My mum usually starts cooking by the afternoon.

It is a joyous occasion.

I would usually fly back a day before Chinese New Year’s Eve and wake up the next day trying to do my part to help.

Around 6pm, the table is set and the food is almost ready.

The traditional trademark dishes that mark my favorite dishes, are literally for me, eaten once a year only.

My mum cooks every dish and all this effort is very well appreciated.

Mushrooms with sliced jade abalone.

Prawns from Rompin made it to the table.

My favorite Chicken Kapitan, a blend of dried chilli and herbs to flavor the dish.

This dish best goes with soy sauce and lots of rice.

Steamed chicken.

Lotus soup.

Even the chilli is homemade.

I could not get enough of the fried prawns. This is Mum’s recipe.

As with every year, lou sang to usher in the new year.

With so many dishes, it was easy to get stuffed and our appetites have shrunk since the teenage years of the 90’s. But this is an awesome meal and one kept special just for the end of the year.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

May this year usher in more prosperity and health!


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