Malaysia, Rompin : Restaurant 23-B, Kampung Kedaik.


Some 2 hours after Bahau via Muadzam Shah, we started the long road towards Rompin. Thru the journey, I have experienced the power and speed of a 2.7 liter engine. If only it was a V6. Hey, I can dream right? I saw how well my father had taught me thru the years as a trunk road driver. Overtaking trucks and cars in oncoming traffic. Nerves of steel and a fearless determination. Toyota did not fail me.

Our first stop on the lonely road to Rompin was Restaurant 23-B.

Located at Kampung Orang Asli Kedaik, this restaurant is about 8 years old. Orang asli ( Malaysia Aborigines) live in Kampung Kedaik and most of these small restaurants are owned by them. Some of them work here too.

Ah Fook looks Chinese to me but he says he is more orang asli than Chinese.

+60 16-930 7711

+60 19-998 9911

Ah Fook had lots of udang galah (freshwater river prawns). Dad bought up about 2 kilograms. (RM70 per kilogram) Now you may think it is a lot but these prawns can be so large that one prawn may be as heavy as 500grams. But these days, roughly around 200 to 300 grams each. 1 kg of prawns had an average of 3 to 6 prawns varying in sizes.

The government does not give them grants. So they live day by day without much ownership.

Usually, travellers ( truck drivers) and people working in Rompin town heading back to Kuala Lumpur/Kuantan will frequent these restaurants.

Old school.

Lunch time. Dad ordered a simple dish. Udang galah in salted vegetables and tamarind.

THIS IS THE BEST PRAWN DISH I HAVE EATEN!!!!!!!!! Not surprised but WOW!!


The prawn roe goes into the broth. The broth is a merging of the sweetness of the prawns and roe with the saltiness of the pickled vegetables.

I wish I can describe the taste to you. No words. No words. Just plain awesomeness.

The meat is fresh and spongy. With the Rompin River just next to the restaurant, the source is fresh and unpolluted.

Add some meehoon. The meehoon noodles absorb all the broth and you get an assault to your taste buds.

The best of the best! I am getting hungry writing this blog!

If you ask me, I will drive all the way for 4 hours just to have this. A friend of mine saw the pictures on Google Plus and asked me.

We left our frozen prawns with Ah Fook as we will be back for dinner. We continues our drive along this road to Rompin.

Restaurant 23-B

+60 19-998 9911

+60 16-930 7711

Set your GPS to Kedaik, Rompin.

Do call them first.

Please save the environment and stop over-fishing.

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