Malaysia: The Road to Rompin part 1. Pit Stop at Kuala Pilah


The last time my dad and I went to Rompin, we were a decade younger. So many years have passed but the memories of our prawning trip has been haunting us for the past years. We wanted to buy udang galah (prawns) for Chinese New Year.

We decided to take a trip down memory lane. I flew back from Singapore. It was a going to be a hectic weekend for me. What’s new?

Arriving back home in Kuala Lumpur around 11pm, I went to bed to prepare to leave around 5am. Dad and I were to head to Seremban, then head east towards Kuala Pilah. After that, head further north east towards Muadzam Shah and then cutting Southeast towards Endau Rompin.

My dad and I have not taken such a trip in a long time. This time, I drive.

4am crept up on me and I had only taken a nap. I can bet my Dad did not sleep. I groggily jumped into the car and Dad started driving.

Kuala Pilah is a small town. Probably a street long and one of the pit stops for travellers heading to the east side of Malaysia.

Dad said that we can visit here and get help since we are Kwang Tung people.

Arriving at Kuala Pilah, this shanty small town was experiencing a slow peaceful morning. The morning fog was still around and the temperature was a cool 20 Celcius. I for one, in Malaysia, was cold. There was some need for breakfast and after taking a spin in this small town, we decided to go here.

This was a new area judging by the infrastructure. I believe there was probably an old wet market with food stalls and to modernize things, the government and municipal council decided to build and prepare this for the locals to do business in a more hygienic environment.

Mind you, I started taking these photos after dawn. The locals were puzzled to see this foreigner carrying a camera taking photos of everything. Some asked me where I was from, expecting the answers of Japan, China, Thailand,Hong Kong, Singapore, America, Vietnam but never do they expect Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I must stick out like a sore thumb! ( Yes, I have been guessed to be those nationalities before in my travelling lifetime.)

Okay, Okay. This cup, looks too much like a house cup. I do not know but they must serve customers with house cups. Maybe to remind me to feel at home.

As you all know, I am a fan of wan tan noodles (egg noodles) and my quest to find the best wan tan mee continues.

This noodle was simple and direct. Acceptable.

Simple prok dumplings though small and hard.

I saw duck and Dad and I ordered a serving. The style was different from the Kuala Lumpur version. It was slightly sweater and redder. Come to think of it, it is closer to the Singaporean version.

A kingly feast all for the cheap price of around 6 dollars!

As usual, I walked around to take photos. Open for business!

The cook prepares the noodles by tossing it in hot and cold water in alternates. This cooks the noodles yet stops it from inflating to sogginess.

Precut char siu for to make wan tan noodles with char siu one of the Chinese fast foods.

Of course, let’s add roast pork.

Uncut char siu.

As I stood there observing, I find many people coming to buy a slice of meat probably for prayers or for lunch.

Dad and I prepared to leave but we had to pack some snacks. Let’s go with some duck. Total cost of our meal? RM33. And we added half a duck!

Fresh organic vegetables were also available.

A temple next to a mosque. Muhibbah!

As we left Kuala Pilah, there was a large tree at a cross road. Imagine how many people this tree has seen drive by. I hope for the future that this tree is preserved.


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