Malaysia : Rompin Rivermouth


We went to the river mouth of Rompin where the Rompin river meets the South China Sea.

Most of the area has changed. Sadly, a lot of things are falling apart.

This post combines both pictures taken from 2014 and also pictures taken from 2000. Some even longer.

The youngsters head to the big cities. Old businesses close. The economy slows down. Abandonment.

A photo taken during 2000 shows the buildings at least standing and unbroken.

As Dad and I walked to the corner lot that sells fishing equipment and fish, I take a walk into the past.

The narrow alleyways still filled with empty ice boxes.

Walk thru and you will be greeted by the delta where the river meets the South China Sea.

Dad and I took the change to grab a photo.

This was us in 2000.

I was so thin back then. Lean and athletic.

Some things never change. I still go about taking photos.

Today, the tide was coming in. Rustic.

Most boats have long been abandoned. Sand has taken over.

There was once where my brother and I were here fishing with Dad in Rompin.

Me back in 2000 with lots of salted dried fish. This place no longer exists. The business has moved.

Nostalgia post.


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