Malaysia : Road to Rompin



Further down the road we went.  With a good lunch in our belly, we pushed further south towards Rompin.

We passed by many ponds. These ponds, have not changed much. What fishes lurk beneath the water?

The only changes probably is the man made irrigation canals.

After a while, we came up on the area where my dad and I would set off the boat for our fishing.

Some fishermen were out on the river. They park their cars here.

These wooden stilts are used to guide the boat down into the river. It was low tide today which at times, makes it tougher to push into the water.

My dad is so happy.

Father and son picture.

Do not be fooled by this tree. Do not even bother hugging this tree.

I am sure some of these boats are available for rent.

I’d love to see a tree hugger hug this tree. Look at those thorns!

Looks like guava but it sure is not.

The Rompin river was not too busy. There was the occasional boat that would go up. Usually, it is the orang asli fishing for prawns to sell.

There are water chalets available for rent.

It looks cosy. Would be nice to have some friends to set up camp here and chill by the river overnight.

Our hunt for prawns continued. We kept driving to the end of the road.

You can call here to ask about the availability of prawns.

Blue gold. This is what I call freshwater prawns.

These were just about to be put into the freezer.

Dad and I opened the freezer and started buying the prawns we wanted. Most of the prawns on sale at Rompin are mainly frozen fresh.

Do not worry about the freshness. We have had 100% fresh frozen prawns.

You can see the price difference between live prawns and frozen prawns.

The road is filled with small stalls that the government support to encourage the locals to set up business.

Harvest from agriculture.

Dried salted fish.




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