Malaysia : Restaurant 23-B, Kedaik, Rompin


This is the final post of the Rompin series for the trip we made on the 26th of Jan 2014.

We left Rompin just before sunset. It was nearing dinner time and it was a no brainer. We headed back to Restaurant 23-B.

We had to collect our prawns as well. There were many people who would come out to have dinner here.

Dad wanted to eat some frog legs. I wanted more prawns.

So we went about ordering our dinner before the long drive back to Kuala Lumpur.

Selai fish.

They are best served deep fried. The bones are mostly edible.

Crunchy salty goodness.

I did choke on some bones though but who cares?

I will spare you the photos of the frogs but yeah, we had frog legs. For those who are squirmish, they taste like chicken!

Frog legs in meehoon. Tastes awesomeness.

Next were the prawns. We opted for a differing style of cooking.

The prawns were fried in soy and sweet sauce. This made the meal slurping good.

Once you finish the meat, you can continue to suck on the shells. This is so good. Shall we go again Dad?

We did stop by in Bahau for more durians and loaded out our car.

We reached home at 1am and started cutting up the durians for storage in the fridge.

Prawn the width of a newspaper.

It was a good father and son trip. One that we need to do again soon.

Day trip again.

By the end of the day, we had covered some 299km one way. That makes this trip a 598km round trip for some nostalgia, good food and some time to spend with my Dad.

The drive one way takes an average 4 hours.

It was a long drive back. The roles switched. My dad slept while I drove. 15 years ago, I slept and he drove back.

It was time for me to repay the favor. I drive my Dad now.

The end of the Rompin post.



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