Philippines : Nalusuan Island, Cebu


10 December 2013.

Early 7am, the tour we had arranged picked us up and drove us some 15 minutes away from the hotel to the jetty.

In Singapore, I had made arrangements via for an island trip to Nalusuan, an island nearby Cordova which took half a day.

They will also email you via and you can Gtalk with them too. 

Tour Inclusions:
Best Western Sand Bar on Mactan Pick Up and Drop Off
Private motorized with the service of KR Staff
Seafood BBQ Lunch with fruits ( Pineapple, Banana, Mango )
Island Entrance Fees
Snorkeling Set: Mask, Fins & Life Vest
Open Cottage for Picnic/Lunch
Nalusuan is a bad word in Cebu dialect. Hahahah. It means Penis!

It was overcast and was showing signs of drizzle and rain. It was also low tide.

So we had to get one a small boat and slowly go out to the deeper waters to board the boat.

Our tour guide for the day. From what I understand, the tours would then hire local boats to take tourist out to the islands. Such arrangements mean that they did not need to maintain their own boats.

I was quite surprised that we go out private boat.

One large boat, steady and solid all to ourselves.

The boat carried a crew of about 3 or 4 crewmen.

The boat ride from Cordova to Nalusuan takes about 30 minutes. As we reached closer, the sun had started to come out and weather was perfect for photography. Please remember your sunblock.

Nalusuan in the distance

The waters here are quite shallow. A long pole will get you some traction to steer.

Nalusuan was a near island that is beautiful. But here is a catch. It is a man-made sand bar. Someone wanted to make a resort and with enough money, you can make an island in the middle of the sea.

Finding Nemo?

They were building a resort here.

Welcome to Nalusuan.

Entrance fee is payable here but it was covered in our tour fee that was 6140 pesos for two people.

I felt relaxed already. A quiet area.

It’s a dog’s life here.

Time to just…blehhhhhhhhh….

The other side of the island.

Take a walk out.

It is a long walk.

It was very very hot and the towels I brought were needed to shield from the sun.

Fancy a game of volleyball?

The water is very shallow.

I wore anti UV compression wear. It helped cool me down when it got wet and it blocked the sun’s harmful rays. Bring your sunglasses!

After about an hour or so walking out, I decided it was time to walk back. It was time for our lunch.

Lunch is part of the tour and consists of barbecued local food by the locals. The tour guide paid them as I started to understand the economy.

So so delicious and well cooked.

There were prawns, squid, fish and chicken roasted in honey pinoy style!

Drinks were not provided but do buy some to help the local economy.

The prices are high but it did take a boat ride, kept in a generator powered refrigerator.

Fruits as desserts. Wow, the mango was so so sweet.

I love this!

The sauce provided was soy sauce that tasted sourish, sweet and mildly spicy. It was perfect for the meat.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful golden banana.

There was a pool to keep fish. If you order fish like bangus, they will net it out.

After lunch, time for some snorkeling.

Do wear your slippers or shoes as the corals are quite sharp. The tide here is strong but there are a huge number of fish species.

I would say the most types of fishes I have seen in a single location. If you have any scabs or wounds, the fish will come and nibble.

Free fish spa!

It was time to leave.

I had no trouble standing on a moving boat thanks to years on boats fishing with my dad in the rivers of Malaysia.

I love the water.

I was quite concerned about the weather in the morning but was glad the day turned out awesome.

I got to see clear blue skies, beautiful clouds and had awesome food.

I managed to snorkel and saw an array of beautiful fishes.

By 1pm, we were on the way back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day.  It was a short and simple trip that left us ample time to spend time doing other relaxing activities.

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