Philippines : Sand Bar Resort Cordova, Mactan-Cebu


9 December 2013.

Bar Resort Cordova is a hotel managed by Best Western. This hotel was recommended to me by my colleague Dwight Delgado.

We had called them in advance to schedule a pickup from Cebu International Airport. Why? Because the airport and the hotel is some distance and transportation is a bit dodgy in Cebu.

We did not want to have the trouble of being fleeced, drove to other hotels or being charged excessively.

For 500 pesos, it was not bad a deal. The journey took some 45 minutes and an hour. This is to factor in jams.

You will leave the main road and head into a shanty area. You will then start to see small roads and a village like look.

For 8,646.64 pesos, (RM200 per night) it was a great deal. Affordable.

The pickup thru areas that make you think it was the 70’s.

As you arrive, you will be greeted with a clean modern facade. To some, it will be a breath of relief.

The lobby is very spacious and you can sit here to enjoy the sea breeze.

A nice cold welcome drink.

Super king beds for me is a must if given the choice.

The rooms were very spacious and very new. Best Western had just taken over this property and most of the facilities have been newly upgraded or renovated.

Plenty of proper amnesties. TV channels are pretty random. Some are local channels and some are international channels.

It was time to settle in.

Water is provided but I’d buy my own as you need more than this in a day.

The balcony had a nice view of the pool and the sea. It is just that this was a sand bar and on reclaimed land hence no beaches.

It was probably low season at the moment. The hotel was not fully packed. It was rather quiet. A nice peaceful place.

Enjoy the sun here as you walk around and take in the serenity of Mactan.

Sunbathing? Not for me.

Like I said, there isn’t a beach here but then again, I could not complain.

Again, I am not a sun person but it does do you some good to get some sun. Sun elevates depression and changes moods.

We recalled having lots of fun in the pool. The slides were fun.

Well decorated and they light up at night.

This is the view from the corridor of the 3rd floor. Mactan and Cebu is afar.

Overall, an awesome stay and I felt the relaxation and peace I was searching for. The location is remote and access if not easy. If you wanted to go out, let the hotel call taxis for you. It will take a while for the taxis to come over.

I woke up early the next day to try and capture the sun rise. 6am. It was not that impressive but sunrise and sunset photographs are based on luck and you better have the skill to capture them when they happen.

Breakfast is provided.

I saw my favorite and ate a lot of pancakes flooded in maple syrup and butter.

You can order the type of eggs you wanted.

Fried fish fillet.

I love the way how the Filipinos prepare their meats and sausages. The taste are rich with flavors of being roasted or barbecued and sweet in aroma.

If you look at the GoogleMaps below, you will see that it is remote. My vacation was more of hotel and dining so it was perfect. I’d head out for dinners and lunches. But eat a hearty breakfast.

I highly recommend staying here and if you are a city boy like me, in search of peace and a simpler life, this is the place to be.

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