Philippines : Dinner at Lantaw Floating Market


Dec 2013.

Dwight had recommended to head over to this place for dinner.

After some Google mapping and asking the reception, we decided to call a cab to take us there from the hotel.

The initial plan was to go one way and then find out way back. The taxi driver, warned us. It starts getting dark around 5pm in Cebu.

As we drove for about 10 minutes, with the recent typhoon caused power cuts, the roads were dark.  Not a single light lit up. We decided to get the taxi driver to wait for us while we ate and drive us back.

This will be the first time I get to sit by the sea watching the evening pass by whilst having dinner.

Overhead, planes would be heard and seen landing into Mactan-Cebu International Airpot.

One of the better seats in the restaurant, you get to enjoy the ambiance. Lounge music plays in the background.

Cordova Cooler Small PHP120.

This drink, comprising of orange and mango drink mixed with lime, watermelon and orange. This is a very refreshing drink. Perfect for seaside breeze.

Lechon Kawali PHP185.  This is basically roasted pork. The skin is thick and so is the fats but oh so good!

Grilled Bangus PHP 220. Bungus is a popular fish that is always recommended to me. This is a boneless dish. Slightly on the sweet side but the soy sauce mixes well.

Spicy Scallops PHP 148. Chewy scallops with chilli. This one is not spicy for us Malaysian tongues.

Sisig PHP130. Sisiq is a dish made from parts of pig head and liver. It was a very oily dish and the raw egg made this very flavorful as you mix it.

How can you resist this? Join the Tomorrow Diet, where dieting starts tomorrow, everyday.

After mixing the egg, you get a chewy crispy texture. Must be the bones or cartilage. Hahaha.

More than enough. Awesome flavors and something different from the usual styles of cooking.

After feasting, we took a walk around and saw the layout of the place. There are lounge and sofa chairs for you to enjoy your meal. But if you ask me, I’d refrain from sitting in sofas. It just makes eating difficult.

Dinner was a total of PHP813.

Make sure you pay with cash as their phone reception is terrible and your credit cards may end up getting double swiped.

I’d recommend coming here. Make sure you book your taxi both ways. The taxi drivers are usually more than happy to wait for you to finish your meal. Take your time, was what he told us.


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