KL : Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Gardens

2013-12-01 13.47.32-press

Hokkaido Ichiba is always on the list when I think of Japanese food. After going thru a list of things I did not want to eat, Japanese was left on the list.

Head over to The Gardens Midvalley. There is a another sushi place in The Gardens but it is always packed with long lines. I am not a fan of waiting in lines.

First order on the menu is sashimi. If you are a fan of thick cut sashimi, this is the place to order it.

Fresh and thick, 7 slices of salmon sashimi will get you RM 22 poorer.

Take a slice and dip into the sashimi soy sauce. Let it then, melt in your mouth.

Sitting at the coutner gets you an easy jump of the queue. Most patrons want to sit at a table but for us, we don’t really care. Besides, you get a beautiful view of the salmon.

Chicken in teriyaki sauce.

My beef teppanyaki arrived. I had ordered medium well beef. All lunch sets come with the above. Of course, for teppanyaki, I get garlic rice.

A small but adequate chawamushi. Do not be fooled. This is full falvored with ginkgo.

The pickles were normal to me. You can opt not to have it.

Some warm miso soup on a cold day is perfect.

Here comes the main dish. Do not let the somewhat disorganized plate fool you.

they do look pretty tough, don’t they. I threw a chunk into my mouth expecting to chew hard leather but boy was I surprised.

The beef was soft and tender. The flavors engulfed my mouth. A few chews and I could feel the beef softening up.

I decided to split open some for show. This is what you call Medium Well Beef. Slightly red on the inside and cooked on the outside. No need for meat tenderizers.

Chow down with some garlic rice.

And finish off with some fruits.

So, all in all, I’d say a value for money paid.

My teppanyaki beef was at Rm30

The terikyaki Set was at Rm24 and the salmon at Rm22. With taxes and all, it came to around RM85. A good filling meal.

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