Ipoh : Pak Kong Roasted Chicken Rice


I love chicken rice. I simply love it. I call it the fast food of the Chinese. Well, if the place is popular, it is not fast. This is probably one of my favourite chicken rice places in Ipoh.

Do pardon me if this post is short, I am getting hungry.

RM1.20 for rice

So what do you get? Buttered rice. In Ipoh, most Kuala Lumpur people get confused when ordering chicken rice. They head to places that sell Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken , the steamed chicken version also available as chicken rice in KL, but in Ipoh, they sell it with noodles. If you ask for rice, you get white rice! So know your order. Or just go with someone from Ipoh.

You do get some soup as is the norm for most Chinese meals, especially Cantonese meals.

Chilli and ginger is a must when enjoying chicken rice.

Acar at RM2

Pak Kong as a pretty decent acar. This is actually pickled vegetables. It is not part of a chicken rice dish but if there is, just try it.  It does have a  sour and sweet oily flavor. Do be careful not to stain your shirt.

RM 12 for double portion

Here it comes. The blend of roast chicken in soy sauce is well balanced here. I always felt that high importance be put into the soy sauce used in roasted chicken rice. The flavours must blend well and compliment the roasted chicken. 

We got an assortment of thigh and breast meat.

RM5 for Char Siu

There was a side order of char siu, barbecued pork in a sweet sauce. This is a common method of making pork by the Chinese. The other method was roasted pork but Pak Kong does not make roasted pork. (Siu Yuk)

Just enjoy the meal. Do come early for lunch as the lines grow long and windy.

Chicken RM12 for two people
Char siu RM5
Acar RM 2

Where is it?

Jln Theatre in Ipoh. At the corner of Jln Theatre and Jln Dato Onn Jaafar.


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