Ipoh : Buntong Bean Sprouts Chicken


Have dinner here but do come early.


We arrived at 7pm and it was already packed. Be prepared to wait an hour for food and find your seats fast. Stand and wait for the seats and tables to free up. It is a free for all and being nice here will get you a longer wait time.

The earlier you can arrive, the better. I’d recommend 530pm when it opens. Besides, it gives you more space to eat other foods later in the evening. You are here in Ipoh to eat, aren’t you?

Founded in 1984, this house has been converted into a restaurant. The owner is the sister of a popular Lou Wong Bean Sprout located in Ipoh town. She set up shop here in the housing area of Buntong and the business expanded.

There is only steamed chicken here. Bean sprouts chicken is Ipoh bean sprouts with steamed chicken served with Ipoh Hor Fun noodles. ( Koay teow)

Chop chop chop and the chickens are served. I wonder how many chickens do they go thru in a day of business?

The famous smooth Ipoh hor fun noodles. They are basically rice noodles but in Ipoh, they are smoother and thinner. They go very well with soup.

A luck of the photographer managed to catch the steam from the soup placed very well. He has an aura about himself, no?

Be sure to order the pork balls. You must have this when eating bean sprouts chicken.

Dip this in the soy sauce that comes with the chicken. Trust me.

The chicken is served.

Just eat up and enjoy your meal.

Ipoh bean sprouts are known to be thicker and crunchier than the normal bean sprouts you find in Kuala Lumpur or elsewhere. They used to be fatter many years ago.

Mix them up and enjoy. Add pepper and mix with the soy sauce in the dish.

Ensure that you take the dish quickly. You do not want the noodles to bloat or the soup to cool.

It was 815pm by the time the meal was served. Do get a few drinks and wait patiently. This is not a place to come to if you are starving hungry and angry.

As with most things  in life, some are worth waiting for. This place is open for Dinner only.

Address : No. 849, Jalan Guntong, Buntong, 30100 Ipoh, Perak.
Business hours : 6pm onwards daily (except Tuesdays)
Tel. : 05-2557469, 017-5787251

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