Singapore : Ju Shing Jung, Joo Chiat Road


This place by far one of the better Korean places I have been to in Singapore. This is my second time coming here and as it was near a doctor I just frequented, I was in need of some soupy clear food.  Kimchi is a good for digestion and high in fiber; a better places to come to if you have an upset stomach.

Since I was feeling sick, I wanted to get a good warm meal with some comfort, little to no oil and nothing too oily or spicy.

Thankfully, there was a lunch promo and I decided to go in for some Galbitang.

Made primarily from beef short ribs along with stewing beef, daikon, onions, and other ingredients, it was something my stomach and appetite agreed on.

Lunch time is primarily quiet here so it was the perfect ambiance for me. I did not have the stomach for an all-out-noisy diner. The air-conditioning was perfect. Everything was in place.


As usual, with what you get from a Korean meal, is banchan. I was not expecting much as this was in fact a lunch set. Most places tend to give you a miserable few strands of vegetables in a set of three but Ju Shing Jung  gives you a full set.

Sweet melon-like. Marinated in dates.

Bean sprouts

A healthy vegetable dish.

Chewy and springy.


I was given two large bottles. One was tea and the other was plain water. These cold drinks would suit me very well since I was actually very dehydrated.

Here is the entire table. 8 side dishes, which were refillable. I had to reject it as it was too much for one person to eat.

It takes about five hours to cook the whole dish. Slits are made in the top of the inner bones with a sharp knife before the ribs are cut to make the flesh separate easily from the prepared beef rib.

As the soup is chilled, meaning lowered from boiling point,  fat floating on the surface is removed. This was a very important factor for me. The seasoned ribs and sliced daikon are again put into the pot and are simmered one more time.

There were probably 5 to 6 pieces of soft tender beef in the soup. This will fill your meat quota for a meal.

As it takes about 5 hours to make, you would appreciate the flavors in the clear soup. You can actually taste the beef from the soup. The cellophane noodle (a.k.a tanghoon) makes it a slurpy meal. The soup is kept warm due to it being cooked in a claypot. Take your time to slowly enjoy this meal.

As if I was not full enough, this is dessert. It comprises of a sweet aroma-filled ginger cinnamon cold tea and a slice of watermelon.

Now for the fun part. This is the compressed water activate towel. Pour some cold water into this and it will expand and absorb the cool water. It is very refreshing to wipe your face with it.

It took me a full hour to slowly eat and enjoy the peace of this place. Occasionally, one or two more patrons would arrive. This place is more busy at night.

At the end of the meal, plus taxes and all, the meal came to SG12.83 which is a bargain for the amount of food you get and the quality fully authentic to the Korean traditions.

This will not be my last time coming here.  I went home feeling much better. A good warm meal does help make you feel better.

Ju Shin Jung Katong
451 Joo Chiat Road
#01-01/03, Katong Junction
Singapore 427664
Tel: 6440 7707

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